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Dr. Janna House is a Gonstead Chiropractor that grew up in a family that opted for natural approaches to health care. She visited several complementary/alternative health care professionals growing up. She was taken to a chiropractor when she experienced any sports injury. Eventually, her mom went to a seminar hosted by a chiropractor, and their whole family became patients.

Dr. Janna House realized that chiropractic care was far broader than relieving the pain of a sports injury. It could provide the foundation for optimal health of the whole body.

Dr. Janna made the decision to become a chiropractor while she was attending Wittenberg University, in OH, where she studied biology. She was always interested in how the body worked and knew that she wanted to help others. Dr. Janna grew up in southwestern ON. She wanted to return to London after her education was completed because it felt like home. She wanted to be close to her family.

After considering a variety of healthcare professions, Dr. Janna decided to become a chiropractor. Chiropractic lined up exactly with her philosophy on health.

Dr. Janna received her chiropractic education from Life University of Chiropractic, in Marietta, GA, where she graduated magna cum laude. Outside of class, she was a leader in the Gonstead Club on campus, which studied the Gonstead technique that she uses in the office. Dr. House continues to attend Gonstead seminars and seminars hosted by the Gonstead Methodology Institute to further refine and build upon her knowledge.

Dr. Janna was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, and chiropractic helped keep her body healthy and enhanced her athletic performance. Once she understood what chiropractic was about, and experienced it for herself, it really made sense to her, and it changed her life. Dr. Janna learned from experience that when the spine and nervous system is healthy, everything in the body functions at a higher level.

Outside of the office, she loves to swim; it is one of her passions and a big part of her life. Dr. Janna also likes to experiment in the kitchen by trying new and healthy recipes. She likes to modify family favorites into healthier versions.

Let Us Help Guide You To Better Health

Having a healthy spine and nervous system will allow you to be at your optimum level of health. Chiropractic isn’t about treating the symptoms of your condition but addressing the source of your problems.

Dr. Janna’s unique specialization in using the Gonstead technique offers you safe, thorough, and effective chiropractic care leading you to a life of better health.

Our Goal is Education

Our team wants to educate you about the importance of a properly functioning nervous system and to equip you with the knowledge to make healthy decisions that support chiropractic care.

Health for Your Whole Family

People of all ages can be checked for spinal and nervous system health. We love to see families with children who will grow up with chiropractic care in their life and see them benefit from living the healthiest life possible.

Dr. Janna is a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (IPCA), and is certified in the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is an analysis and adjustment of the sacrum restoring the neuro-biomechanics of the pelvis which facilitates optimal positioning of the baby and creates the optimum environment for its development.

At LifeHouse Chiropractic, we focus on caring for the whole person, not treating your symptoms. Call today to discuss what chiropractic care can do for you!

“I look forward to meeting you and discussing your health concerns. Together we’ll discuss what chiropractic care can do for you.”

- Dr. Janna House


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