Chiropractic Testimonials

Gonstead is Great!

For months I was looking for answers to my health. I was no longer able to do everyday activities and my mental health was suffering as a result. I learned about the Gonstead Technique and felt it was what I needed. For me it has made a huge difference.

Being under Gonstead chiropractic care has allowed me to resume activities like driving, drumming, and cooking. As my care continues, I see more and more positive results every day.

It’s refreshing to meet a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable and passionate in their field.

- Kyle C.

Unexpected Results!

I met Dr. Janna House in January 2015 - at that time I wasn’t feeling well. I put aside my skepticism of chiropractic care and had an assessment. My knee was in pain to the point that I was limping when I walked, my left arm was in a state of constant numbness as a result of nerve damage.

The information I received at the initial assessment was impressive. Within a few weeks of regular adjustments I started to feel so much better! My headaches were gone and to my surprise I started to get feeling back in my left arm, which I did not expect! The knee is a work in progress but is getting better.

To anyone curious about chiropractic care,

I suggest booking an assessment at LifeHouse Chiropractic.

- Lisa V.

Wish I had Started Sooner!

Following a motor vehicle accident, I was experiencing pain which limited my every day activities.  For the last couple of years I have tried numerous therapies, but they did not completely help things.  I was doubtful, but my wife recommended I try chiropractic care at LifeHouse.

I started chiropractic care and found relief from the pain I was experiencing.  I am able to function better, sit a little longer, especially while driving, and I sleep better.

Chiropractic care has helped me get back to a fairly normal life.  I wish I had done something about seeing a chiropractor earlier.  I would encourage anyone to try chiropractic and experience its benefits.

- Rob C.

Less Anxious and Happier!

I’m 18 years old and started chiropractic care about six weeks ago.  Since I started seeing Dr. Janna, I have noticed that my neck feels less tense, I think I’m feeling less anxious overall, and my mom says I’m happier!

It has also changed the way I think about food.  I’m trying to eat more healthy food and trying to cut back on sugar.

I would recommend that people try chiropractic care at LifeHouse, even if they are nervous.  You’ll never know what benefits you will experience until you try!

- Britteny V.

Low Back Pain Gone!

I started chiropractic care about seven years ago for the purpose of maintaining a healthy spine after having put my back out numerous times.  I started seeing Dr. Janna about a year ago, and I have not had an acute back problem since.

It has been helpful to see her weekly, not only to keep my spine properly aligned, but it has strengthened my immune system.  As well, she keeps me accountable to a healthy lifestyle. She encourages me to get active and gives tips on how to eat in a healthy way.  I have lowered my cholesterol and have been able to go off my statin medication.

I would highly recommend LifeHouse Chiropractic as part of your health and wellness plan.

- Allan H.

Improved Life Overall!

What initially impressed me about LifeHouse Chiropractic was how thorough the process was. The use of supplemental materials like x-rays and all the graphics in the office made it easy for me to understand everything easily. Dr. Janna’s schooling and experience was evident from the very beginning.

Being under chiropractic care has improved my life. Of course, my back is not as sore. But I’ve experienced more than that, too. For one, I have a lot more energy, even at work. And my sleep at night has been much deeper- which I enjoy!

When my friends or family ask me about chiropractic,

I tell them: Try it!

- Graham C.

No More Knee Problems!

I had never gone to a chiropractor before, but I was experiencing some knee problems and decided to start chiropractic care.  After three months of care, I noticed that I am sleeping better, I’m more conscious of my posture, and my aches and pains have been resolved.  It has also helped me focus on getting physically healthy and eating better.  An unexpected benefit is that I have more energy!

If you aren’t seeing a chiropractor, you should go for it!

The office is a very friendly environment, and Dr. Janna provides lots of information about healthy lifestyle habits.

LifeHouse Chiropractic is not just about your back, it’s about your whole body!

- Susan V.

Stronger Immunity!

I enjoy living an active lifestyle, so I came to Lifehouse Chiropractic as part of my wellness journey.

Since beginning chiropractic care, my immune system is much stronger, and [in combination with some other lifestyle changes] my almost daily headaches are gone!

Along this journey, I have had some occasional, acute flare ups—usually from overdoing it at the gym. In these situations Dr. Janna performs a thorough examination to get to the root of the problem. She works to adjust that misalignment and the symptoms disappear… at least until my next injury.

I highly recommend chiropractic care, especially at LifeHouse Chiropractic, for anyone who wants to optimize their health.

Dr. Janna is thorough, specific and compassionate; her office space is beautiful, and her staff is welcoming.

- Ann B.

Less Tension and Better able to Deal with Stress!

I have been getting chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Janna which helps relieve the tension and pain in my back, it helps me better deal with stress, and she suggests ways for me to live a healthier lifestyle.  Dr. Janna is kind and caring.  She explains things well.  Her office is nice and clean.  I would recommend LifeHouse Chiropractic to anyone.

- Brandon P.

Comprehensive Approach!

I have had the pleasure of becoming a patient of Dr. Janna’s. I have only been to a chiropractor a couple of times for specific complaints. While they were helpful, it never fully addressed my overall health, and I think I just never felt comfortable enough to allow a chiropractor to help me, until now. At my first appointment Dr. House did a comprehensive exam and an adjustment on my neck to relieve my pain. The next appointment consisted of a treatment plan, she explained everything very clearly and my treatment began! Jane Ann has been extremely helpful with booking my appointments. She is always pleasant and helpful even when I am calling to change my appointment, tell her I am running late or just chat with me before my appointments. I really can't say enough about how extremely happy and grateful I am to be a patient at LifeHouse Chiropractic.

- Kim C.


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