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At LifeHouse Chiropractic in London, You Get Individualized Care

Chiropractic care allows your body to heal itself naturally by removing the cause of interference, not by treating your symptoms. We want to give you the best care, personalized and individualized just for you. We’re here to listen and help you to achieve optimal health.

London Chiropractor Shares Her Mission

“I want to deliver specific, scientific chiropractic care to people of all ages, allowing for the expression of innate intelligence within each person by utilizing a service system that emphasizes individuality, trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.” – Dr. Janna House.

I deliver this care as the only chiropractor in the London area specialized in using the Gonstead technique. This technique is one of the safest systems of evaluating and caring for your spine.

We Want to Be Your Family Wellness Chiropractor in the London area

All ages are welcome at LifeHouse Chiropractic.

Having a healthy spine and nervous system provides a strong foundation for your health. Let your London Chiropractor and team help you and your family live your life to the fullest and be as healthy as possible!

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you. We’d love to talk about what you’re looking for and how we can help.

~ Dr. Janna House
Serving London and Westmount communities